Stand Your Ground

May 20, 2012 Speaker: Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: The Gospel Passage: John 5:18–5:29

Stand Your Ground
(John 5:18-29)

I. Welcome/Opening Illustration

II. Review/Intro

A. Review

1. Jesus has healed the invalid at the Pool of Bethesda

2. The Pharisees are offended, for he healed on the Sabbath

3. (16-18) Jesus explains, and offends them even more:
He makes himself equal with God

B. Introduction

1. Our text for the next two weeks: John 5:19-47

2. Jesus’ third discourse (Nicodemus, Samaritan Woman)

3. Its Theme: God the Son, His Person and Works

4. Its Importance (Slide: Ryle quote; Col. 2:2: Christ, the Mystery of God)

5. Its three-fold structure:

a. (19-23) Salvation History: A Father-Son Business

b. (24-30) How Life and Judgment are through the Son

c. (31-47) God-given Witnesses to the Son

6. Its purpose: To bring God’s people (Jew and Gentile) to saving faith in the Son of God
III. (19-23) Salvation History: A Father-Son Business

A. (19) The Son: The Father’s Right Hand Man

1. The Son: Second Person of Holy Trinity (Slide: Trinity diagram)

2. The Son: Relation to the Father

-- ever dependent upon the Father
-- ever submitted to the Father
-- ever watching the Father
-- ever involved in what the Father does

3. The Son: Spheres of Co-laboring with the Father

-- creator, sustainer, controller, redeemer, judge, consummator

-- The Father healed on the Sabbath, through the Son!

4. Application

B. (20) Why the Father works all things through the Son

1. He loves him

2. He desires to see all men honor him (23)

3. To this end, he will show him “greater works”, that you may marvel and be saved

C. (21-23) Two Prerogatives of the Son: Life-giver and Judge

1. Jewish Eschatology: At the end of the age, God will raise and judge (Slide: Daniel 12:2, NIV)

2. Jesus’ Eschatology: Now AND at the end of the age, HE will raise and judge

3. Glimpses in OT (Slide: Job 19:25-27, NIV)
4. Why does God do this: That all may honor the Son

5. You cannot (truly) honor the Father (God) unless you honor the Son

-- The Jews said they were honoring God, but they were not

-- So it is today (Hinduism, Islam, JW, LDS, New Age, etc.)

-- (Slide: 1 John 5:12)

IV. (24-30) How Life and Judgment are Through the Son

A. Introduction

1. In the NT, the Kingdom is “already” and “not yet”

2. This section reflects the already/not yet tension

a. (24-27) How Christ judges and gives life NOW

b. (28-30) How he judges and gives life THEN, at the end of the age, when he comes again

B. (24-27) Life and Judgment in the Era of Proclamation and Probation

1. (24) Faith now delivers from condemnation later

a. Read

b. Prelude to commentary: The Lord is looking ahead . . .

1. To the cross (where he is judged for our sins0
2. To his exaltation (resurrection, ascension, session, outpouring of Spirit, preaching of the Gospel)
3. The effectual calling of his elect

c. Comment: Justification, eternal security, assurance

d. To note: Does not come into judgment for sin; but does come into judgment for good works done, with resulting reward or loss

e. Memorize this verse!

2. (25) Spiritual resurrection through the Son

1. The elect are dead in sins and trespasses (Slide: Eph. 2:1f)

2. In the Era of Proclamation, Christ spiritually raises the dead through the preaching of the Gospel

3. (26-27) Life and Judgment, from the Father through the Son

a. Read and comment

b. Note: The two gifts needful: pardon, new life

B. (28-29) Life and Judgment at the Parousia

1. Read and Comment

2. Key Points:

a. This hearing is future

b. This resurrection is physical

c. This resurrection is general, or universal (Slide: Luke 20:33-36, Acts 24:14-15)

d. This resurrection is unto final judgment

e. With respect to salvation, this judgment is NOT according to works, but according to faith in Christ (Slide: 1:12, 3:16, 5:24, 6:28-29) (Note: ta agatha)
3. Rabbit Trail: Revelation 20:11-15, 21:1-5

C. (30) My judgment is just

1. Read and comment

2. MP: ALL Christ’s acts and judgments are just, for he does only what he sees the Father doing. His judgments are the judgments of God.

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